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    18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Always Need To Pee

    Living that urinator lifestyle.

    1. Situations where you won't be near a toilet for several hours are your worst nightmare.


    2. And as soon as you're in a situation where it would be difficult to go to the toilet, you instantly need to pee.

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    3. You've peed in some pretty weird places, because sometimes you just can't wait.


    4. Sometimes you'll finish peeing, and still feel like you need to pee.

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    Because the world is cruel and life is unfair.

    5. If you go out you'll spend half your night in the queue to the bathroom.

    6. It seems like as soon as you're in anyway comfortable and cozy, you'll instantly need to pee.


    7. Sharing a bed is a struggle, because you feel guilty every time you get up to wee in the night.

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    8. You'll try to bargain with yourself that if you think dry thoughts maybe you'll be able to go back to sleep again.

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    But you never can.

    9. You're the worst passenger for every long car journey.


    You probably make yourself pee at least three times before you even get in the car, but it never works.

    10. You never, ever pass up the opportunity to pee.


    Even on the rare occasion where you don't actually need to pee, you'll go, just in case.

    11. You can never be at the front of concerts because where the hell do those people go to the toilet?

    12. As soon as the seat belt sign on the plane goes on your bladder instantly starts to feel like it might explode.


    And if you're not in the aisle you'll spend the whole flight feeling guilty about asking the person next to you to move.

    13. People will get confused about the fact you spend half your time in the toilet, and will keep asking you the dreaded question, "didn't you just go?"

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    And then you start assuring them you don't have diarrhoea, and that is not a great thing to say on a first date.

    14. Drinking coffee or alcohol makes the problem worse, and sometimes you wonder if you would save time by just moving into the toilet permanently


    If you can last a whole beer before you break the seal it's an achievement.

    15. Staying hydrated sounds fun, but then you are always reluctant to drink anymore than is strictly necessary.


    16. For some reason as soon as you see your own front door it feels like the Pacific Ocean is currently occupying your bladder.


    17. You are so controlled by your own bladder that you've gone to the toilet before and not actually been able to pee.

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    You just thought you needed to pee, because you usually do.

    18. If they X-rayed you, you're pretty sure this is what they'd find.

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    Except your bladder would be even smaller.

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