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19 Things You'll Only Get If You Have Tummy Rolls Not Abs

Rolls are the new abs in 2017.

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2. But does having abs compare to the feeling of that first cheesy chip you stuff in your gob when you're a bit drunk and starving?

Instagram: @lovebeyourenergy

No, you cannot compare them. Partly because they are very different experiences and partly because you've never had abs so you have no idea.

Maybe people with abs do eat cheesy chips, and do 1,000 sit-ups afterwards, but that sounds like a lot of work.

3. We are not born with abs.

Lostinbids / Getty Images

Look at this baby's worldview suddenly shake when she sees her first online advert for "Lose 10 pounds in 10 days while doing nothing and also eating nothing."


4. Maybe you've actually tried to get abs before, and realised that it takes SO much work.


Not only do you have to do shitloads of sit-ups, and weird twisty sit-ups – you also have to think really carefully about what you eat.

5. There has probably been a time when you did, like, 25 sit-ups... but then you looked in the mirror and you looked EXACTLY THE SAME.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

How is that fair? Also it really hurt when you laughed the next day.

6. Maybe you're still holding on to that hope, there is still a tiny voice in your head like, "Imagine your life, but with abs."

You secretly think you'd never be sad again if only you were one of the ab-people. So you at least watch videos like "8 Minutes Abs” even if you can’t quite be bothered to follow along with them.


8. Because let's face it: Rolls are just as good as abs.

when u sit down and look at your stomach

Rolls are like abs, but softer.

9. Abs are full of sweat and lentils, while rolls are made of cake.

Instagram: @sam1985xx

I don't care what anyone tells you: They're lying if they're saying lentils are better than cake.

10. Sometimes the food that is good for your soul might not be compatible with having abs.

Instagram: @ruby

And feeling happy when you bite into a Big Mac is probably more important than having abs.

11. You can enjoy exercise without wanting to change the way you look.

Be like Phoebe and run for fun.


12. Winning is much more fun than being thin.

Instagram: @fitzy_gerald

Or if not winning then losing slightly less badly than you did last week.

14. Unless you really like spinach and almonds there doesn't seem much joy in getting abs.

And there would only be so much time you could look in the mirror and be like "phwoarrrr" before it would get old.

15. But pizza never gets old.

Instagram: @junkfoodstar

There will always be pizza you haven't tried yet. 🙌


17. Or pull on some sexy, sexy Spanx.

Instagram: @makeawishsantander

When everyone's drunk enough that they won't notice your lumpy bits you can take them off in the toilet so you can breathe again.

18. There's so much more to life than having a flat stomach.

Instagram: @saharmereish

Like carbs! Why avoid carbs when we've been blessed with them?