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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Been On A Friend Holiday

You can't have a group holiday without a mum friend.

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1. It will probably be organised on WhatsApp over the course of about 100 hours and three different group chats.

Instagram: @llamasinpyjamaas

6. Someone will only pack a pair of shorts and a toothbrush and someone else will pack their whole wardrobe and medicine cabinet.

When you way overpacked and it's the night before you fly out and you're trying to make it all fit in 1 suit case

7. Every day it will take you hours to leave the hotel/villa because people will never be ready.


There will be one person who gets stressed about this and everyone else just goes along with it.


9. There will be one person who is a really picky eater and won't be able to deal with the local cuisine.

They'll just order chips in every restaurant and probably survive on biscuits they brought from home.

10. Someone will get injured.

It's not a holiday unless you spend some time in the medical centre.


14. Whatever you end up doing you will always manage to lose somebody.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Someone will walk too slowly and end up being lost at the back of a group, usually a couple that have sneaked off to have sex.

18. However well you think you know your friends you will find out something weird about them.


Hopefully it will be that they sleep in a full pyjama suit and not that they snore like a train.


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