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    19 Things You'll Know If You're A Responsible Adult, But Only Half The Time

    You pay all your bills and do all your laundry, then eat half a box of Coco Pops to celebrate.

    1. You absolutely love getting an early night.

    2. But when you do go out, you are suddenly liable to make many terrible decisions.

    3. You generally keep on top of daily chores – you manage to do your washing before you have to buy new underwear and everything.

    4. But as soon as something breaks, everything falls apart and it takes you at least a week to call your landlord.

    5. Most days you manage at least three of your five fruit and vegetables a day.

    6. But if you have a bad day then you will eat your weight in carbs and cheese.

    7. You can cook, but you seem to be unable to buy food for more than one day in advance.

    8. You've set up a savings account, and contribute to it regularly, but you also use it all the time.

    9. You do make your own dentist appointments, but you have to build up the courage first.

    10. You can make scary life decisions and hold yourself together, but you will need to cry on the phone to your mum afterwards.

    11. You have no idea how taxes or insurance work.

    12. But you're very good at googling things and then pretending you already knew them.

    13. You enjoy receiving practical gifts.

    14. Especially fancy homeware that makes your house look very grown-up.

    15. But you also occasionally buy dumb shit online at 2am.

    16. Generally you're a very clean person – you probably change your sheets at least twice a month.

    17. But there are some things you should definitely clean more often.

    18. Once you've done something very responsible, like defrost the freezer, you feel the need to treat yourself.

    19. Because you can only hold your adultness together for so long before you have to be wildly irresponsible for a bit.