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Updated on Apr 20, 2019. Posted on Mar 14, 2017

21 Things You'll Get If You And Your Best Friend Are Twentysomething Grandmas

You're both very mature for your age, and you both hate crowds.

1. You both enable each other's grandmaness. You practically encourage each other to bail on going out.

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"Yehhhh stay in with meee, you knoooooow you want to! We can get Thai, with dumplings."

2. All your plans must involve food.

3. When you go out for dinner you pick somewhere conveniently located where you don't have to book and it's not too loud.

Warner Bros

Your idea of hell is having to queue for a table in a very loud hipster restaurant.

4. You have no problem meeting each other for dinner at 7 and saying goodbye at 9 so you can both be in bed for 10.


5. You really enjoy doing wholesome daytime activities together, like country walks.

6. And spending rainy days in cooking together.

7. Your favourite programmes to watch involve houses or cooking.

BBC / Love Productions

You'd rather binge-watch MasterChef than House of Cards.

8. You're both terrified of dating apps, and do them together for courage rather than for fun.


And if any guy says something gross you're done for the evening.

9. If you do manage to go out to a club you'll only enjoy it if you know the words to all the songs.


If there are no words to the songs you won't last half an hour in there.

10. And even if it's the best club in the world, you'd still like to be in bed by 2am.

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

And that's a BIG night for you.

11. You've been known to leave a party early together to get food.

12. And more than once you've failed to leave the house when you were meant to go out.

Comedy Central

13. You always pick alcohol that you actually like the taste of, not just the cheapest way to get drunk.


But you also like being a bit tipsy.

14. You don't ever dress up for each other – if anything you dress down.

15. You're both as bad as each other when it comes to understanding new slang and memes.

Act III Communications

So you never feel embarrassed texting each other to ask what the latest craze is all about.

16. You like shopping for coats and knitwear together, but hate shopping for going-out clothes or bikinis.

17. You probably have some pretty nerdy hobbies you talk about together.

"SLOW DOWN, YOU OLD BITCH," I scream at the YouTube knitting tutorial lady.

You love crafting or a good quiz.

18. You both really appreciate a practical fashion accessory.

19. One of your main hobbies to do together is judge other people.


You know it's bitchy, but that's why you have each other.

20. Or you just wonder in awe how other people stay out until 4am in heels.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

This is unimaginable to you.

21. You're just so happy you have someone else to indulge in all your favourite hobbies with.


Because staying in is the new going out.

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