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21 Things You'll Get If You And Your Best Friend Are Twentysomething Grandmas

You're both very mature for your age, and you both hate crowds.

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1. You both enable each other's grandmaness. You practically encourage each other to bail on going out.

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"Yehhhh stay in with meee, you knoooooow you want to! We can get Thai, with dumplings."

2. All your plans must involve food.

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You'd never just go for a "drink".

3. When you go out for dinner you pick somewhere conveniently located where you don't have to book and it's not too loud.

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Your idea of hell is having to queue for a table in a very loud hipster restaurant.


5. You really enjoy doing wholesome daytime activities together, like country walks.

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6. And spending rainy days in cooking together.

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And then obviously eating together.


11. You've been known to leave a party early together to get food.

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14. You don't ever dress up for each other – if anything you dress down.

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Bras are a totally optional clothing items when you're together.

16. You like shopping for coats and knitwear together, but hate shopping for going-out clothes or bikinis.

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And of course jean shopping is the worst.


17. You probably have some pretty nerdy hobbies you talk about together.

"SLOW DOWN, YOU OLD BITCH," I scream at the YouTube knitting tutorial lady.

You love crafting or a good quiz.

18. You both really appreciate a practical fashion accessory.

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Clutch bags aren't your vibe.