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    23 Things You Understand If You Live With Your Best Friend

    Having a serious conversation when one of you is on the toilet is totally normal.

    1. You spend so much time together it's amazing you haven't run out of conversation yet.

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    2. But then again you do share every single, tiny thought you have with them.

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    Whatever it's about, and however ridiculous it is.

    3. And if it ever does fall silent, that's totally cool too.


    Hanging out in the same room while you're both just scrolling through your phones is a totally normal thing to do.

    4. All of your texts are about food.

    5. Over time your wardrobes slowly merge.

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    There are some items of clothing which seem to have permanently migrated across the hall.

    6. You've accidentally worn each other's underwear at least once.

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    They're both from an M&S multipack and everything got mixed up on the drying rack.

    7. When you're getting ready for something you're constantly running into each others rooms.

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    "Can I put my make up on in your room? It has better light."

    8. It's amazing always having someone to go out with and come home with.


    But sometimes you have so much fun pre-drinking you fail to leave the house.

    9. And someone to go through exactly what happened last night with.

    10. Clothes are totally optional around the house.

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    You've probably peed while they were showering.

    11. You are kept up to date with their love life in real time.

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    Dates are dissected as soon as you get home.

    12. There is no such thing as over-sharing, they need to know all the details.


    13. If you ever need an emergency debrief you know they will be there to offer advice.

    Even if that advice is just "pull yourself together."

    14. And you can debrief and analyse for hours.


    It's amazing how many possible meanings a Tinder message can have.

    15. If they go away for a weekend it feels like you haven't seen them in a million years.


    Even if nothing happens in your life you feel like you need a serious catch up when they get back.

    16. When you're watching a series together, watching an episode alone is the ultimate crime.


    You'll probably have to re-watch it with them to make up for it.

    17. If one of you is snacking, it's rude for the other one not to join in.


    If one of you has a burning desire for a McFlurry at 11pm, it's common courtesy to accompany them.

    18. You take turns in caring for each other when you have terrible hangovers.


    You go out and buy them junk food because you know they'd do the same for you.

    19. You have no problem telling each other when it's their turn to clean up.

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    You are way past passive aggression.

    20. But doing the cleaning together makes it actually bearable.


    21. It's always fun when their friends come over, because you 100% trust their judgement.

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    And because you share so many friends your parties are the best.

    22. Nights in with them can be just as fun as nights out.


    You sometimes get FOMO for staying in with them when you go out.

    23. You are seriously lucky to live with your best friend.


    It just doesn't get any better.

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