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19 Things Every Student Learns When They First Move Out

Mould is the real enemy here.

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1. Moving into your first student house is probably the closest you've ever been to being an actual adult.


Suddenly you have to work out how to pay a water bill, who knew you had to pay for water?

3. And that the most dramatic arguments you'll ever have will be over washing up.

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You never thought you'd care so much about washing up one mug, but suddenly it seems really important that it wasn't you that made this mug dirty.


9. It is entirely possible to have a three and a half hour session of watching Come Dine With Me.

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Someone will suggest going outside but you can't, because you need to see if Charles' chocolate fondant will be enough to beat Linda's Mexican night.


13. Don't try and get in someone's way when they're in essay hell.

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There will be a few weeks a year when you will never see your housemates, you will just see a pile of toast plates and hear them slamming the door after coming back from the library at midnight.

14. Some people are really stingy and some people are thieves.

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There are the housemates that will shout at you for using their ketchup and there are the housemates that will demolish your whole loaf of bread before you've even touched it.


18. You don't truly know someone until you live with them.

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Because when you live with someone not only do you basically have a sleepover every night, have every conversation there is to have, and know way too much detail about their love life. You also see them at their absolute worst.

19. If you're still friends after you've lived with someone you're probably friends for life.

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