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26 Things You Know If You're Best Friends With Your Cat

Cats > humans.

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1. You and your cat do everything together.

2. There is no greater welcome than your cat greeting you at the door.

3. You share all the same hobbies.

Like napping.

5. Staring out the window for long periods of time.

Casper complained that I always choose what we do. So today it's his turn. We're looking out the window.

7. Sitting.

8. And discussing current affairs.

Your cat might not be very good at this, but they do try.

9. You and your cat are inseparable.

10. Unless your cat is in a mood, in which case you know when to give them some space.

Or they might scratch your eyes out, but we all get grumpy sometimes.

Or they might scratch your eyes out, but we all get grumpy sometimes.

11. You sometimes give your cat a little taste of human food.

OK toast might not be the healthiest cat snack, but it's so hard to say no.

12. When you go away you miss your cat the most.

13. Sometimes you even miss them at work.

So you have to look at a lil' picture to get you through the day.

14. When you're sad nothing cheers you up more than a cat cuddle.

Cats have magical healing powers.

15. Your cat doesn't like it when you work, because you're not giving your full attention to them.

But you're like, "Kitty I have to provide for us both!"

16. Sometimes you feel like your cat is judging your life choices.

But no best friend is perfect.

17. And sometimes your cat can be a right dick.

18. But you love them anyway.

19. You and your cat like to coordinate your looks.

OK so, you like to coordinate your look with your cat sometimes.

20. Your cat likes to follow you about the house wherever you go.

21. You avoid disturbing your cat at all costs.

"No kitty I don't want to change the channel anymore, I'll just watch golf for four hours if you like."

22. Sometimes you'd rather stay in with your cat than go out with your human friends.

23. You like nothing more than to stroke your cat.

Especially when they invite you to tickle their tummy and the honour is almost too much for you.

24. Sometimes all you want to do is hold your cat's adorable little paw.

And when they are sleepy enough to let you do it, it is such a pleasure.

25. Occasionally the cute levels rise so high it's a bit much for you.

And all you want to do is squeeze your little cat.

26. And there is no greater sound than their happy purr.