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    19 Things You Actually Learn At An All-Girl School

    You can graffiti a dick on to a desk as well as any man.

    1. How to properly handle rumours, gossip, and bitching.

    2. Which secrets are actually worth keeping, and which ones everyone actually has the right to know about.

    3. That lesbian gossip is the best gossip.

    4. You know how to handle any woman crying in the toilet.

    5. How to not care what you look like.

    6. And how to dress super casual.

    7. You can be as gross as any man.

    8. That hair removal is completely optional.

    9. How to meet men when you only see about four a week.

    10. How to properly describe a sexual encounter.

    11. How to make any item of clothing look hot.

    12. That if everyone kept breaking a uniform rule, they'd probably give up enforcing it.

    13. How to text under a desk like a pro.

    14. How to be seriously competitive.

    15. How to get in a full-on shouting match with a girl one day and forgive each other the next.

    16. How to make a man wall to be proud of.

    17. There is no such thing as "eating like a girl".

    18. That girls seriously rule.

    19. And that sometimes you just need to stop what you're doing and pull up your tights.