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12 Things You'll Need If You Plan To Go Camping This Summer

Sleep under the stars... in your nice warm tent on a luxury mattress.

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1. Get a hammock and always be comfy wherever there's trees.

Instagram: @campingwithhammocks

This one is £18.99 and is very light and durable. You can even sleep in it:

"The hammock is very well constructed, weighs next to nothing and packs down into a tiny package. I have spent four nights in it so far and am looking forward to many more."


2. Or if you've got more space get a Cacoon chair, ideal for napping without getting sunburnt.

At £179 pounds it's not just a silly purchase, but you could probably hang it in your garden all year too.

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper, or something to take to a festival Argos do a comfy looking inflatable sofa for £32.99.

3. Get a wearable sleeping bag and never be cold round the campfire again.

Instagram: @heyrog

This one is £23.95 and looks mighty cozy.

5. If you're travelling under your own foot or pedal power, get a super light tent.

This one is pricey at £95.81, but you can put it up and down in less than 10 minutes. This is a three man tent, which unless you're just travelling with the clothes you have on is probably more like a two man tent.

If you're on a budget go for this two man tent at only £19.99, you wouldn't want to go round the world with it, but for a festival it would be perfect.


7. Get an inflatable bed with built in pillows and a secret storage compartment.

It's £34.12 and would be handy if you have any valuables you need to hide.

If you're looking for a lighter, or cheaper option, you can get a double self inflating camping mat for £14.99.

9. Have more waterproofs than you know what to do with and get nine (NINE!!!) reusable rain ponchos for £6.99.

Instagram: @the_foodieat

You may think nine is too many, but you can use these for so many things. They are basically also an emergency tarpaulin. Get them here and give one to all your friends.

10. Bring some battery powered fairy lights and make your tent look very Pinterest.

Instagram: @elliepi_youre_a_star

Get three metres of lights for just £5.99. These are completely waterproof, run on AA batteries and have eight different flashing modes.

11. Get a waterproof speaker that has nine hours of battery life.

It's pricey at £59.99, but it looks great and comes with its own little rubber ring so you can float it in a pool. It also has a small elastic cord attached meaning it can be hung from a tree or a backpack.

If that's a little pricey for you the Aptoyu speaker isn't waterproof, but it looks like it has better battery life and similar sound quality. It's on offer at the moment for £12.99 down form £29.99.


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