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    22 Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Live With Your Best Friend

    There is no such thing as too close.

    1. Certain items of clothing will migrate across the hallway permanently.


    You were only meant to borrow it once, but it looks better on you and they never wear it, so you're keeping it.

    2. You'll run out of underwear because you haven't done washing in three weeks and just borrow theirs without asking.

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    And you'll wander into their room without clothes on.

    3. You'll end up seeing each other naked all the time.


    After a while you stop mentioning it, or even noticing.

    4. You'll hear them have sex.

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    You won't complain at the time, but for the rest of your lives you'll never let them live it down.

    5. You'll never be more than a couple of hours behind in what's happening with their love life.

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    6. And you'll be there to pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong.


    7. You'll talk about bodily functions a lot.

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    Periods, pooing, and what you're going to have for dinner are all normal conversation topics.

    8. You'll shout from the toilet that you're having a toilet roll emergency and they will rescue you in your hour of need.

    Because that's what best friends do.

    9. You'll start cleaning up the house and an hour later you'll just be dancing in a fit of giggles.

    Twentieth Century Fox Courporation

    And going to the supermarket can be the funnest thing you do that day.

    10. But when one of your parents comes to visit, you'll both get down to work to make the place presentable.

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    11. Every time you try to do any work at home they'll distract you.


    Having fun all the time has its downsides.

    12. You start arriving to all events together.

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    Which means that you start getting invited to stuff as a couple.

    13. You'll develop a special look for when you're out together and it's time to leave.


    And get food on the way home obviously.

    14. You've also cancelled going out just to stay in together.


    Because staying in is a guaranteed good time, but going out is risky.

    15. At some point one of you will come home wasted and the other person will become their carer.


    And then in the morning you'll remind them of everything they said.

    16. You'll see each other in your most gross state.

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    Between genuine illness and serious hangovers you'll see each other at your ugliest.

    17. You will have several cooking disasters, but they will all end up with you crying with laughter.

    And hopefully you won't burn down the whole house.

    18. You'll have an argument because someone watched the new episode of your favourite show without the other one.


    But it won't be a proper argument.

    19. Instead of passive aggressive notes you'll leave cute notes around the house for each other.

    20. And left over food.

    21. You'll stay up way too late talking about practically nothing.


    22. And you'll spend a lot of time hanging out in complete silence feeling totally comfortable.


    It will make you realise how lucky you are to live with your best friend.

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