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    42 Things That Mildly Thrill All Lesbians

    When you see another lesbian in public and do "the nod".

    1) When a TV show has a lesbian storyline.

    2) When none of the characters in the lesbian storyline die.

    3) When a TV show has a lesbian sex scene.

    4) When you tell a man you're a lesbian and he doesn't immediately ask you about what you do in bed.

    5) When you find the perfect plaid shirt.

    6) When you wear a dress and people don't say "oh but you don't LOOK like lesbian."

    7) When your cat finally accepts your girlfriend.

    8) When you introduce your girlfriend to new people and they don't assume you guys are just "GURL FWENDS".

    9) When your parents refer to your girlfriend as your girlfriend and not your "friend".

    10) When your Granny doesn't ask you if you've met any nice men recently.

    11) When you go to a gay bar and you aren't the only women there.

    12) When you go to a gay bar and there are actual lesbians there.

    13) When you go to a lesbian bar and don't see your ex.

    14) When you kiss in public and don't get heckled.

    15) When you remember to file your nails.

    16) When you match with a girl on Tinder and see you have no mutual friends.

    17) When you go on a Tinder date and they haven't dated your ex.

    18) When a hot girl on Tinder doesn't ask you if you're up for a threesome with her boyfriend.

    19) When a hot girl on Tinder doesn't tell you she's "just looking to experiment".

    20) When you're single and you actually meet a single lesbian.

    21) When you meet a single lesbian who you haven't already slept with.

    22) When you meet a single lesbian that no one you know has slept with.

    23) When you don't get overcharged for a short haircut because you're a woman.

    24) When you don't accidentally coordinate outfits with your girlfriend.

    25) When you don't come to work dressed the same as a boy in your office.

    26) When you find a really nice men's shirt that you can do up over your tits.

    27) And hips.

    28) When you watch a lesbian movie and it isn't the worst thing you've ever seen.

    29) When you watch a lesbian movie with realistic sex scenes.

    30) When any of your favourite celesbians post a new Instagram.

    31) When a celebrity you have a crush on comes out.

    32) When you see photos of lesbian weddings.

    33) When you see cute photos of old lesbian couples.

    34) When you hear a story about a lesbian couple than have been together for like 50 years.

    35) When you check into a hotel and you don't have to do the awkward "no we don't want two single beds" chat.

    36) When you don't have to explain to your doctor how you can be both sexually active and definitely not pregnant.

    37) When you don't get asked who the man is.

    38) When someone you know comes out the closet and you called it ages ago.

    39) When you're stalking people from school on Facebook and it turns out they're mega gay now.

    40) When you find someone from your school on HER.

    41) When you see another lesbian in public and do "the nod".

    42) When you see other lesbian couples in public and you're like "omg same".