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22 Things That Make All Twentysomethings Feel Old

"Look, Mum, I spent money on something that wasn't booze, clothes, or food."

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1. Whenever you walk past some really cool teenagers.

"Should I be wearing what they are wearing? Am I too old to be wearing what they're wearing???"

2. When there's a new technology update and you don't understand it.

You can't just Google it, that's what an adult would do.

4. When you see your friends' younger siblings and suddenly they're all grown up.

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They used to be all annoying and follow you around while you were trying to talk about sex, and now they have their own Instagram account and there's a picture of them drinking a WKD on it!


10. Buying and building your own furniture.

"Look, Mum, I spent money on something that wasn't booze, clothes, or food."


15. Genuinely feeling excited about things like cushions and throws.

"Who am I? I should be this excited about staying up late and... Ooo look at that standing lamp."

16. Craving healthy food.

Who knew you could become so passionate about vegetables?


17. Cooking something for your friends that isn't pizza.

Especially if it's actually delicious.


21. Remembering what you used to think of twentysomethings when you were a teenager.


"By the time I’m 25 I’ll be with ~The One~, definitely have a ~career~, and probably a really cute dog.” —All 16-year-olds