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22 Things That Make All Twentysomethings Feel Old

"Look, Mum, I spent money on something that wasn't booze, clothes, or food."

1. Whenever you walk past some really cool teenagers.

2. When there's a new technology update and you don't understand it.

3. When some new slang comes along and you have no clue what it means.

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Then you try to casually drop it into conversation and end up feeling like an idiot.

4. When you see your friends' younger siblings and suddenly they're all grown up.

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They used to be all annoying and follow you around while you were trying to talk about sex, and now they have their own Instagram account and there's a picture of them drinking a WKD on it!

5. When the clothes you wore when you were 11 are threatening to make a comeback.

They won't actually make a comeback, though, because we won't let them.

6. When you see that people you know from school have had babies.


And it's not even a teen pregnancy anymore.

7. Or when a load of wedding pictures suddenly dominate your timeline.


"Why are you getting married so early and why wasn't I invited?"

8. Paying tax.

And then only semi-ironically referring to yourself as a taxpayer. It's got a nice ring to it.

9. Actually everything about going to the bank.

"Would I like to change to a different kind of current account? I haven't got a single fucking clue."

10. Buying and building your own furniture.

11. When you don't buy the cheapest bottle of wine.

"This one has a CORK."

12. And when you don't get ID'd.

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"The adult world believes I am one of them."

13. When famous people are younger than you.

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"How can someone be in the world's biggest boy band, earn a bajillion pounds, and then leave it, and still been younger than me?"

14. When you get super excited about going to bed early.

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There is nothing more grown-up than saying no to going out.

15. Genuinely feeling excited about things like cushions and throws.

16. Craving healthy food.

17. Cooking something for your friends that isn't pizza.

18. When you suddenly start getting actual hangovers.


And feel guilty about all those times you moaned about your pathetic hangovers of the past.

19. Counting the years until you're 30.


And realising you're closer to 30 than 16, and then crapping yourself because it felt like you were 16 yesterday.

20. Realising you're over halfway to 40.

21. Remembering what you used to think of twentysomethings when you were a teenager.


"By the time I’m 25 I’ll be with ~The One~, definitely have a ~career~, and probably a really cute dog.” —All 16-year-olds

22. When you think about where your parents were when they were your age.


They'd probably been married for three years and had definitely started saving for a house deposit.

But actually it's more important to remember how much of your life lies ahead of you.


You have plenty of time to get passionate about homeware and kale. So stop worrying and enjoy being young.


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