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    Posted on Jun 8, 2016

    25 Things You See Every Time The Sun Comes Out In Britain

    Tops off and disposable BBQs at the ready.

    1. Absolutely everything must be cooked on a BBQ.

    Twitter: @amypoops

    Because a moment spent inside, even if it's to toast something, is a moment of precious summer wasted.

    2. And pretty much anything can be used as a BBQ.

    3. Parks across the land will be covered in scorch marks from disappointing disposable BBQs.

    4. People would rather eat their meal in an alleyway than go inside and miss a moment of good weather.

    5. Everyone will refuse to drink inside and so pubs will do their best to create a "beer garden".

    6. And suddenly "pavement cafés" spring up on the side of every heavily polluted A road.

    10 degrees spring is here. Govan's Gregg's has got the street furniture out. You could swear you were in Barcelona.

    7. Actual sunshine and warmth is so rare that some people see the need to bring their entire living room outside.


    8. Living the dream.

    Outside in the sun, taken the sofa through the window and playing Xbox. #summerlads

    9. If someone has literally no access to outside space whatsoever they will hang themselves out of the window to soak up that precious vitamin D.

    10. The sun becomes an excuse to drink in the day time, much like everything else that happens in Britain.

    Twitter: @georgieebeeston

    Teenagers everywhere will be drinking warm cider in every available public outdoor space.

    11. People will do whatever they can to have their own private pool.

    12. Size doesn't seem to matter.

    13. Literally any vessel can become a make-shift paddling pool.

    14. It's a thing.

    15. Even though summer happens most years, people are still seemingly unaware of the sun's power and most people end up with some kind of embarrassing sunburn.

    16. Ice cream vans will claim right of way over the whole country.

    Great place to park your ice cream van @nate

    17. There is also usually a local "ice cream" van that frequents the quieter streets of your area that has a suspiciously old clientele.

    Oh and here comes the Lenton 'ice cream' van stopping in it's normal place

    "Gram of molly and a 99 please, mate."

    18. Every bit of outside space that doesn't actively have a car on it will be used for sunbathing.

    Nothing symbolises the first days of summer more in Britain today than a topless teenager sunbathing by the bins!!!

    19. And every actual park will be too crowded to be pleasant.

    Thought I would have lunch in cavendish square today. Turns out I wasn't the only one...

    20. Our famously sexy British men will all refuse to wear tops.

    21. Nipples will be seen on every street corner.

    22. But the sun won't last long and soon the rain will come.

    23. But even when it pours with rain, Brits will embrace it

    Can we all establish that the pub near where I live has flooded and there's 2 guys drinking a pint like nouts wrong

    24. People will still probably be cheerful because at least they saw a glimpse of the rare sun.

    Maria Terron / Via

    25. And as long as you can still BBQ somewhere it's still summer.

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