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    Sep 17, 2015

    18 Things That Happen When You're A Gay Fresher

    Turns out they have closets at university too.

    1. At some point you're probably gonna have to come out.

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    Life won't be that great if you don't.

    2. But that can be a lot harder than it seems.

    You're actual adults now, so this shit should be easy, but for some reason it's not.

    You might never have come out before. Or if you did it at school it was such hot gossip that you probably only had to do it once.

    3. However out and proud you were back home, you're back to square one now.


    You might think you’re only going to have to come out once, but actually you’ll be doing it your whole life. It just gets easier.

    4. You might think that it's super obvious that you're a flaming homo and people will just assume so.

    But some fellow freshers will have never knowingly met an out gay person before, and so it just won't occur to them.

    5. Maybe you'll try to subtly slip it into conversation.

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    "Yeah, I got G A Y in my A-levels, amirite?"

    But chances are you're gonna have to really spell it out.

    6. It can be hard finding what seems like the appropriate moment though.


    In the first few days everyone will be talking about their doomed long-distance relationships back home and their crushes from across the hall, so it seems like there would be lots of opportunities, but still it's just SO AWKWARD.

    7. You kind of hope the perfect moment will come where someone will outright ask you if you're queer.


    But it never does.

    8. Straight-out-of-school freshers can be particularly ignorant, so you'll probably be asked some pretty shitty questions in your first few weeks.

    "Can I watch?"


    9. You'll try to suss out who else might be a homo.


    So you can, you know, be friends.

    And sleep with them.

    10. There will be surprisingly few other LGBT people at first.


    Everyone comes out at their own rate, and a lot of people might not have even realised they're even a little bit gay by freshers' week.

    11. When you eventually find another gay fresher you try to play it cool, but really it's super exciting.


    It will probably turn out you have nothing else in common, but it's nice not to be the only one.

    12. "Straight" students will want to "experiment" with you. 😒


    Seems so fun at first, until they are super awkward about it and don't want you to mention it to anyone.

    13. There will be some people that have always wanted a "gay best friend" and will try their hardest to make you theirs.

    But homosexuals are not like Pokémon and it's impolite to collect them.

    14. You will sign up to the LGBT society at freshers' fair, mainly because you feel like you should.


    But you will be very aware of everyone watching you sign up.

    15. If you decide to go to the first LGBT meeting it will probably be painfully awkward.

    Standing around with people when the only thing you have in common with them is that you're queer is weird.

    And no one will mention that most people are there to try to get laid.

    16. If you're lucky your uni town might actually have a gay scene, and as soon as you make some gay friends you'll be there.

    But if you go to a small uni chances are you'll spend a lot of time trying to look for other homos to snog in a sea of straight people.

    17. If you come from a small town, going anywhere where there are other gay people can be overwhelming.

    But remember you have the whole three years to have fun.

    18. You might not find your squad in freshers' week. / Via

    But you will eventually, maybe in the gay cheerleading society.

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