22 Things That Happen When You Go On Holiday With Your Best Friend

    There is no one better to explore the world with, or sit on a beach eating ice cream for a week with.

    1. Before you go you'll discuss what you're packing to see what you can share.

    2. You probably booked the cheapest flight possible, so you have to be at the airport at 4am.

    3. You'll fall asleep on each other on the plane.

    4. Because you're best friends deciding what to do will be easy.

    5. Every new experience will be another photo opportunity.

    6. Eating will of course be a major part of your trip.

    7. Every trip to the local supermarket will result in a banquet.

    8. You will have at least one ice cream a day.

    9. Sampling the local night life will be on the top of your list.

    10. Almost as important as sampling the local drunk food.

    11. You'll try to make some holiday friends together.

    12. You might even try and make some holiday-more-than-friends.

    13. Though sometimes you regret being so friendly.

    14. You'll listen to one song on repeat the whole holiday.

    15. You'll have one stupid fight.

    16. You'll play some pretty weird games to pass all that time together.

    17. You will have mastered the art of sleeping in the same bed.

    18. If you had some modesty left with each other it will be gone by the end of the holiday.

    19. You can take all the little disasters in your stride.

    20. You'll talk every waking hour of your holiday, but not actually run out of things to say.

    21. At least one solid in-joke will come out of your holiday.

    22. And you'll definitely reminisce about your holiday for years to come.