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22 Things That Happen When You Go On Holiday With Your Best Friend

There is no one better to explore the world with, or sit on a beach eating ice cream for a week with.

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5. Every new experience will be another photo opportunity.

But you'll veto any unflattering ones before they go on social media, obviously you'll make them your home screen instead.

6. Eating will of course be a major part of your trip.

And you'll make sure to order strategically, It's all about eating three meals between two so you can try as many local delicacies as possible.

7. Every trip to the local supermarket will result in a banquet.

If you're on a budget 90% of meals will revolve around bread and cheese, and they will be delicious.

8. You will have at least one ice cream a day.



10. Almost as important as sampling the local drunk food.

There will be a point in the night where you'll give each other the well rehearsed "need to go home now" look.

11. You'll try to make some holiday friends together.

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"I talked to the ones in the other place first, I'm going to pee and by the time I get back you're going to be best friends with those people."

12. You might even try and make some holiday-more-than-friends.

"OK you can have the fit one this time, but you OWE me."


14. You'll listen to one song on repeat the whole holiday.

Maybe it will be a song they play in all the local bars, or the only CD that was in your rented car. Whatever it is there is always one song that will remind you of your holiday together.

15. You'll have one stupid fight.


Probably because you just got off a seven hour bus, and you're really jet lagged, and one of you will want a cake and the other will want a full meal and it will descend into bickering. But you'll forget it hours later.


17. You will have mastered the art of sleeping in the same bed.

Even if that involves ear plugs and a divider pillow.

18. If you had some modesty left with each other it will be gone by the end of the holiday.

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And you'll need them to put aftersun on the bit of your bum that escaped from your swimsuit.

19. You can take all the little disasters in your stride.

OK so no one wants an A&E visit on their holiday, but if it happens you'll probably be able to turn it into funny story later.

20. You'll talk every waking hour of your holiday, but not actually run out of things to say.


Even though you didn't think it was possible, at the end of the holiday you'll know even more about each other.