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23 Things That Happen When You Get Drunk With Your Mum

Mums love to Facebook stalk.

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1. The first thing you'll do is start gossiping about other family members.

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Your mum will tell you all the dirt on your cousins she found out through her sister, and you'll tell her what you're brother's girlfriend is really like.

4. It won't take her long before she starts seriously quizzing you on your love life.

She'll try to be polite at first, but all respect for your privacy will disappear after the first glass of wine.

6. But then after another drink she'll be helping you craft replies on Tinder.


And then you'll tell her how you had that weird moment with Kevin at the Christmas party, and lately you’ve been having strange feelings about your friend Tom who you kissed once when you were 17.

7. And then you'll realise she's actually the best at giving advice.


Your mum might be really good at texting if she didn't have to find her glasses every time she needed to reply.

9. You'll tell her a secret you've been keeping since you were 16.

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"Remember when you and Dad went to Paris for your anniversary? I had a party and one of Grandma's best plates broke."

And she'll pretend to care for about a minute.

13. And then suddenly she'll stray into forbidden territory and start telling you about her sex life.



You'll just sit there singing with your fingers in your ears until she gets the message.

15. You'll tell each other that you have both aged beautifully.

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You'll tell her that she looks way younger than all your friend's mums, and dresses much cooler.

21. And if it's all getting a bit much, there's no better cure than a little drunk cry with your mum.


Because even when your mum is wasted, she has a talent for putting everything in perspective.

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