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23 Things That Happen When You And Your Best Friend Get Drunk

"If we're still single when we're both 39, can we have babies together?"

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1. You suddenly feel extremely full of love.


This is your best friend in the whole world, and you are with them, and what usually suppresses your emotions has been taken away by alcohol so that all you can say is “MAN, I LOVE YOU.”

2. You will want to tell them about everything that is going on in your life.


Suddenly you have a lot of complicated feelings about that guy that you've been on three dates with and you need to share them all.

3. They will give you advice of mixed quality.

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Sometimes you need your drunk best friend to drop some home truths, and sometimes you really don't want them to encourage you to drunk-text your ex for the third time that night.

4. You will tell each other that you look seriously hot.

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"You look so hot tonight, like, if you weren't my best friend, and I was more that way inclined, I would marry you, like, tomorrow. SERIOUSLY."


5. You will say some really mean things that you wouldn't say to anyone else.


Sometimes you need to let off some steam in a safe environment, where you know you won't get judged for it. Maybe about someone at work, maybe your mum, possibly your other best friend who couldn't make it that night. And you might not even mean all of it, but you just need to say it.

7. You'll start reminiscing.

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You might be reminiscing about the awkward taxi journey you had on the way to the bar, or it might be about the first time you got drunk together on Bailey's that you stole from your mum.


9. You'll get really deep.

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You'll have a revelation about how society is structured, or how it totally doesn't matter if you never get married, or how really you're destined to become a fireman. Or how the world is really big, and how lucky you are to find each other amongst all the millions of other people that would have made less good best friends.

11. You will see an attractive human and start talking about them not very subtly.

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"Omg look at that guy. NO, DON'T LOOK NOW." You will hatch a plan to get them to fall in love with one of you, which probably won't work.

12. Or you will Facebook-stalk nearly everyone you have ever made out with.

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And then freak out when that guy you kissed at the school disco when you were 14 is now married. And then you will dare each other to like his wedding photos.


13. You'll describe sexual acts in minute levels of detail.


You're pretty open with each other when you're sober, but when you're drunk there are absolutely no boundaries. Everything you were too shy to say when you were sober will come out.

16. You will have a full-on conversation while one of you is peeing.


And you won't even blink.

You might even use the opportunity to show them a strange mole on your arse that you're not sure about. Or even ask their opinions on your current hairstyle down there.


19. You will either proclaim your love for someone or swear off love forever.


Depending on your situation, you will either make a pact to marry each other if you're still single by 40, or you'll start freaking out that you might never sleep with anyone else ever again.


23. And it the morning you'll bond over the terrible pain of your hangovers.

Because that's what best friends are for. 👯