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    29 Things All '00s Girl Thought Were Cool

    These pieces were the ticket to the popular group in school.

    1. High-waisted jeans that were just low-rise jeans that had a denim corset with lots of buttons attached.

    2. Jeans that were too long and dragged on the ground.

    And they only started to look good when you'd nearly wrecked the bottom.

    3. Artificially faded jeans.

    Having "whiskers" on your thighs was a must.

    4. Every single kind of belt.

    A seam down the front of your jeans was definitely super cool too.

    5. Especially chunky belts.

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images
    John M. Heller / Getty Images)

    If it was slightly painful when you sat down you were doing it right.

    6. Studded and checkered belts.

    They were the go to belt if you leaned towards the emo side of things.

    7. Jeans under a dress.

    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    Your mum loved this look, stopped you from getting chilly.

    8. Blazers that had a hoodie sewn into them.

    So it looked like you were wearing two items of clothing, but actually you were only wearing one. So quirky and clever.

    9. Ties, but not with a shirt.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    10. And a diamante tie necklace.

    The ultimate glam statement.

    11. Coloured footless tights under a denim mini.

    This looked just the right amount of emo, hipster, and preppy.

    12. And mini-skirts with Ugg boots.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    No one was the right temperature in this outfit.

    13. Ra-Ra skirts in retro colours and, of course, denim.

    14. Funny vintage-look T-shirts from Urban Outfitters.

    Everything in that Napoleon Dynamite font was cool.

    15. Especially if the T-shirt showed that you didn't care what anyone thought of you.

    16. Pashminas with every single outfit.

    Flickr: katietegtmeyer

    So elegant and practical.

    17. Trilbies with shiny ribbons around them.

    Mike Simons / Getty Images
    Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

    18. Velour tracksuits that were tight on your bum and loose at your ankle.

    You wanted Juicy Couture, but got a New Look copy.

    19. Jumpers with holes for your thumb.

    These always got so weirdly dirty.

    20. A jersey wrap dress in a jazzy print.

    The perfect thing to wear to a '00s wedding.

    21. A sexy waistcoat.

    Jo Hale / Getty Images

    Sometimes worn scandalously with nothing underneath.

    22. Some kind of heeled version of a shoe that wasn't normally heeled.

    23. Converse covered in comic book stuff.

    You couldn't wear them clean. You had to batter them up a bit and draw on them in biro before you wore them to school.

    24. The chunkiest trainers possible.

    25. Slouchy hats like this, in every material possible.

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    26. Anything covered in iron-on patches.

    And did you even go to a gig if you didn't get a badge?

    27. Plastic ball hair ties that caused you nothing but pain.

    28. Rosary beads, even if you weren't even a little bit Catholica

    29. And of course every single charity wrist band.

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