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19 Things Only Truly Gross Best Friends Understand

They wouldn't make toilet cubicles so roomy if you weren't meant to share them.

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2. You don't hold back on details about periods or any other bodily function.

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5. Having conversations while totally naked is not a big deal for you at all.

8. You tell each other about all your medical problems, and you know what the other's allergies are.

Hi there how's life? Who me? Yes I'm having a great time EXCEPT THIS MASSIVE BITE ON MY FACE AND NOW I HAVE 1 EYE

True friends will always go out and buy antihistamines for each other.


9. And you send each other photos whenever you have a big spot.

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10. You make sure to show each other any impressive body hair growth.

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11. You know every single embarrassing secret about each other and threaten to tell other people all the time, but you never actually do.


Well, you have the kind of gross secrets that you tell other people, and then you have the ones that are actually physically repulsive and shameful that you would never tell a soul.