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21 Things Only People Who Work In An Office Will Understand

Sitting at a desk all day is just so, so tiring.

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2. You might even have regular day dreams about leaving to become a dog walker.

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Who needs money when you could spend all day with dogs?


13. No one is ever happy with the office temperature.

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Half the office will keep a hoodie at work because they're always cold, and the other half with buy a little mini desk fan.

15. You snack constantly because you end up eating whenever you're slightly bored.

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That or you actually end up working through lunch and all your have time for is a Kit Kat at 3pm.

16. And you probably have a semi-serious caffeine addiction.

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Sitting down all day is tiring work.


20. The laws of nature dictate that it is 100% impossible to keep any office romance a secret.


It takes about three weeks for a 100 person office to know everything about what you did with Dave in the photocopier room.

21. And every time your boss asks for a meeting you assume that you will be fired.

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And suddenly you realise you love sitting at a desk in a cozy office, and actually being a dog walker would be really hard.