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22 Things Only Girls Who Went To A British Girls' School Will Get

The bus stop and the corner shop were prime locations for talking to boys.

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1. You had a very complicated relationship with the local boys' school.


If you weren't friends with any of them you were a loser. But if you got with too many of them then there was bound to be drama. It was a careful balance.


5. There were always girls who tried to get out of P.E. every time they had their period.

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Some teachers would just let them sit in the corner, but there was always that older one that would be like, "In 1974 I competed in the national discus championships. Was I menstruating? Yes I was."

8. If you stayed for sixth form and didn't have to wear a uniform you know how little effort girls can put into getting ready in the morning.

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You'd do your makeup and straighten your hair in your free periods in the afternoon, never before school starts.


9. Your common room definitely included a sacred "man wall".

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But sometimes there was controversy other whether someone deserved to go on the man wall.

10. Any male teacher under 40 was automatically a full on sex symbol.

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Most girls would just have a joke crush on him, but there would also be at least one or two who took it very seriously, and only chose his subject for GCSE because they fancied him.

11. There was a lot of bitching and gossip, but by the end of seven years there wasn't anything left to bitch about.


Year 10 was definitely the most drama filled year, but in sixth form you'd done all your arguing.

12. Everyone knew everything about everyone else's sex lives, or lack thereof.

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You could probably list the order in which the girls in your class lost their virginity, which looking back is kind of weird.


14. And your desks were covered in just as much rude graffiti.

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16. All girls know the pain of the saggy crotch tights and therefore it was totally acceptable to stop in the middle of the hallway to yank your tights up.

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And you still haven't got used to the fact that you can't do this at work.


18. It was also where the dreaded lost property was kept.

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Everything in there smelt of damp.

19. So you definitely just got changed in the loos instead, or just in the middle of your form room.

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And then if a male teacher tried to come in you'd shout, "DON'T COME IN WE'RE NAKED." A classic way to delay a lesson.

20. The toilet is also where all the major crying happened.

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Every lunch time there would be some year 10s in there having drama.

22. And it definitely gave you some of the best years of your life.

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But you're also really glad it's over.