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11 Things Most Girls Do But No One Talks About

We all know that "blood" is a very simplified term for what a period really is.

1. Wearing the same bra for longer than a week without washing it.

2. Examining your gross tampon after it's been ~in you~.

3. Really enjoying digging out ingrown hairs.

4. And finding it quite satisfying when a hair gets trapped in your bum crack and you have to pull it out.

5. Just resting your hand in your pubes in a totally non-sexy way.

6. Sniffing knickers when you can't remember if they are clean or not.

7. Fishing out bits of food that have fallen into your cleavage.

8. Taking off your bra without removing your top, or leaving the sofa.

9. Only shaving body parts that the world will see.

10. Using your bra as a second handbag.

11. Getting distracted by your boobs when you're meant to be getting dressed.