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    26 Things Feminists Are Tired Of Hearing

    You know you don't want it.

    1. "You just need to get laid."

    2. "Are you a lesbian?"

    3. "The pay gap doesn't really exist. It's just because of babies."

    4. "OK, you're a feminist, but you still shave (insert intimate body part) right?"

    5. "But you're not like all those other feminists, are you?"

    6. "You're a feminist! You can't say that!"

    7. "You don't believe in quotas, do you?"

    8. "Maybe fewer women want to be prime minister?"

    9. "But men and women are equal now."

    10. "Sexism isn't as bad as it used to be."

    11. "Women in other countries have it so much worse than you! Stop complaining."

    12. "Men get objectified too."

    13. "Beyoncé just says she's a feminist to sell albums."

    14. "The word 'feminist' is sexist. Why aren't you just a humanist or an egalitarian?"

    15. "Women in sport earn less than men because they are worse at sport."

    16. "How does your boyfriend feel about you being a feminist?"

    17. "Cat-calling is a compliment."

    18. "Get back to the kitchen LOLZZ."

    19. "It's just banter."

    20. "You're choosing to be offended."

    21. "But censorship! Freedom of speech!"

    22. "Why are you always angry?"

    23. "Reverse sexism."

    24. "Not all men!!!"

    25. "Misandry."

    26. And finally, please world, stop playing this song.