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26 Things Feminists Are Tired Of Hearing

You know you don't want it.

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3. "The pay gap doesn't really exist. It's just because of babies."

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This study shows that female graduates with no babies earn less than their male counterparts, even after studying the same subject. And here is a load more evidence that babies aren't the only cause of the pay gap.


7. "You don't believe in quotas, do you?"

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Lots of people are scared of quotas, which they think give women an unfair advantage. Only 35 countries in the world have more than 30% female parliamentarians, and the UK, the US, and Australia aren't among them. Most of the countries in the top 35 use some sort of quota system. Such as Rwanda, which has the highest proportion of female parliamentarians at 64% despite only having a 30% quota.


12. "Men get objectified too."

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Most feminists aren't against objectification per se. Everyone enjoys some objectification occasionally. But women get it more, and sometimes we want some time off, such as when running for a bus, bending over to pick up a pencil, or when running for parliament.


14. "The word 'feminist' is sexist. Why aren't you just a humanist or an egalitarian?"

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Because being a feminist is the best, and the fact you think the word is sexist makes you sexist. BOOM!

15. "Women in sport earn less than men because they are worse at sport."


Maybe women earn less because the men who run the TV channels decide not to show women's sports as much. Just a thought.


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