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19 Things Every Office Worker Has Done, But Won't Admit To

You definitely stay late to work, and not because the Wi-Fi is so much better.

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7. Confusing the "reply" and the "reply all" buttons.


And now you've just told the whole office, "Please can I be informed if the away day involves a long coach journey so I can bring my travel sickness pills."


12. Getting angry at a co-worker for something that you've definitely done yourself.

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"I can't believe she didn't put her mug in the dishwasher, how rude." When last week you left it on the side because you were in a bit of a hurry.


15. Getting seriously mad at an inanimate object.

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The following pieces of equipment can go to hell: printers, copiers, projectors, lights that turn off when you sit still too long, plugs that keep falling out, and conference phones.