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19 Things Every Office Worker Has Done, But Won't Admit To

You definitely stay late to work, and not because the Wi-Fi is so much better.

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1. Lying every Monday morning when someone asks you, "How was your weekend?"

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"Yeah good, I met up with some old friends." = "I had break-up sex with my ex."

2. Bringing in a healthy salad for lunch, and then going to buy a burger instead.


You felt good about making the salad, but then your colleague suggested burgers and the salad stayed in your bag.

7. Confusing the "reply" and the "reply all" buttons.


And now you've just told the whole office, "Please can I be informed if the away day involves a long coach journey so I can bring my travel sickness pills."

9. When you stay late and you're the last in the office, having a little dance just because you can.

12. Getting angry at a co-worker for something that you've definitely done yourself.

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"I can't believe she didn't put her mug in the dishwasher, how rude." When last week you left it on the side because you were in a bit of a hurry.

15. Getting seriously mad at an inanimate object.

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The following pieces of equipment can go to hell: printers, copiers, projectors, lights that turn off when you sit still too long, plugs that keep falling out, and conference phones.

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