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19 Things Everyone Who Fucking Loves Cats Needs In Their Life

Because if cats could talk they wouldn't give two fucks about swearing.

1. This cute AF kitty-themed embroidery.

2. This mug that tells everyone exactly how many fucks you give.

3. This patch that will show all the shits out there that you know you're fucking adorable.

4. This happy little fucking badge.

5. This cat giving the finger cookie cutter.

6. This fucking chic iPhone case.

7. This perfect art print, with the perfect life motto to live by.

8. This fucking cute greetings card.

9. This tote bag that you can put all your crap in.

10. This embroidery that you could just hang around your neck at all times.

11. This mug that totally uses cunt as an affectionate term.

12. This fucking excellent mug that sums up your life's philosophy.

13. This fucking lovely tank top.

14. This fucking adorable card that you can give to your best bitch.

15. This fucking gorgeous embroidered badge that you're going to sew onto everything you own.

16. This birthday card that you should probably just bulk buy because you're never going to want to use another one.

17. This perfectly awful kitty pendant.

18. This Pusheen sweater that knows your soul.

19. This phone case that perfectly sums up how you feel 99% of the time.