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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up With Cats

    "Mum, put the cat on the phone."

    1. Growing up you were always desperate to cuddle the cat, even if it had other ideas.

    2. You definitely have at least one scar from when you went in for a cuddle and kitty wasn't feeling it.

    3. You know that you always have to be wary when you have exposed toes.

    Poking your feet out of the covers at night is very, very dangerous.

    4. Whenever you meet a cat in the street you think it's rude if you don't stop to say hello.

    And if they run away from you, you get really offended.

    5. You know that a family photo isn't complete unless it includes all the cats.

    6. Lie ins weren't a thing in your house.

    Other people had their mums nagging them to get up, you had a cat scratching on your door wanting to play at 7am.

    7. You know that "I can't make my bed the cat's in it" is a legitimate excuse.

    8. You assume every spooky noise is just a cat knocking something over at the other end of the house.

    Even if you don't actually live with a cat anymore.

    9. You know never to leave food unattended around cats.

    Twitter: @FloPerry

    They may seem like fussy eaters when they'll only eat one brand of cat food, but then you'll leave half a slice of toast unsupervised and when you come back it will be licked all over and on the floor.

    10. It was just accepted in your house that no piece of furniture would stay looking new for long.

    You can try to stop your cat scratching up your stuff, but try is all you can do.

    11. You know that despite cats being quite small, they are perfectly capable of taking up the whole bed.

    12. When you go away sometimes you miss your cat more than your family.

    Twitter: @torrancecoombs

    It was totally normal for your mum to put the cat on the phone.

    13. When a cat takes your seat and you just can't quite bare to make it move.

    14. You think talking to a cat is totally normal.

    And sometimes you swear that they actually reply to you.

    15. You got used to having absolutely no personal space.

    And usually having a cat butt in your face.

    16. You lost hair ties at 10 times the rate of non-cat people.

    Twitter: @Chai_Kitty_Cat

    Where do they keep them all?

    17. Your house didn't always smell completely fresh.

    18. All of your clothes were always covered in cat hair.

    Sometimes it's like they do it on purpose.

    19. You will always be a cat person.

    Because even though they're all assholes you still love them too much.

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