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33 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In London Will Remember

What noise your Oyster card made was a clear giveaway of your real age.

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1. These posters have been around as long as you can remember.

#GrowingUpInLondon bmt when are they gonna take these off?

2. How you knew the bus driver meant business.

#GrowingUpInLondon when the bus driver turns the bus off after having an argument with one of the passengers

3. When you practically just got away with murder.

#GrowingUpInLondon Me: I've lost my oyster but my new one hasn't arrived yet Bus Driver: *nods you through* Me:

4. The coolest school bag you could have.

#GrowingUpInLondon JD had free advertising, because this was most people's school bag ๐Ÿ˜‚

5. When they honked their horns you knew they were besties.

Watching your bus driver pass his other bus driver friend. #GrowingUpInLondon

6. When every other kid in school lived on your route.

#GrowingUpInLondon trying to get on a bus after school be like

7. How you knew it was gonna be a good day.

#GrowingUpInLondon When you order 2 wings and chips but bossman drops in a 3rd

8. And how you knew you were going to have a bad day.

#GrowingUpInLondon running for the bus then this happens

9. The closest you got to track and field.

10. The most stressful situation, even though no one ever got the ยฃ20 fine.

#GrowingUpInLondon when the ticket inspector came on and you didn't have an oyster card

11. Not understanding that you lived in a destination city.

#GrowingUpInLondon Seeing excited tourists and wondering why they heck would anybody wanna come here for a holiday

12. The ZIP card tone giving away all your secrets.

#GrowingUpInLondon when your boy goes to link a girl who said she's 17 but she taps her Oyster card on the bus and it does dubstep

13. When the wildlife would try to nick your chips.

#GrowingUpInLondon Pigeons get braver by the minute

14. Enjoying all the sights your local area had to offer.

#GrowingUpInLondon you are usually not more than 5 minutes away from a crackhouse and 15 minutes from a multi million pound mansion

15. Still the best deal you've ever seen.

#GrowingUpInLondon When Sams was the after school motive and going halves on 2 for 2

16. And never being far from 1,000s of competing deals.

#GrowingUpInLondon having 4000 fish & chip/chicken shops near your house

17. White British kids probably being a minority in your school.

#GrowingUpInLondon being so used to diversity that when you go to another part of the UK the number of white people actually surprises you

18. Not understanding how anyone left their house if they lived outside of London.

#GrowingUpInLondon being outside of london and wondering why buses come every 50 hours

19. Doing a Usain Bolt for a tube even though you knew there'd be another one in two minutes.

#GrowingUpInLondon people get pissed when they miss the train, yet there is another one in 2 minutes

20. When these touched down it was all anyone was talking about.

WHAT. ARE. THOOOOOOOOOSE?! #growingupinlondon

21. The one time you didn't risk it, was always the one time the inspector never came.

#GrowingUpInLondon "When you finally pay for a train ticket but there isn't a Ticket Inspector around" ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜‚

22. Central meaning anything from Angel to Notting Hill.

#GrowingUpInLondon Saying "going to Central" instead of "going to Town"

23. Pretending you were 13 until you were 19.

#GrowingUpInLondon buying a child day ticket for the tube because we're all children of God ๐ŸŒš

24. No one laughed at your chirsping jokes when you moved away. ๐Ÿ˜”

#GrowingUpInLondon using London slang all the time and having to translate when you go to other places

25. Being shocked at how slow people from the countryside walk.

#GrowingUpInLondon becoming the fastest walker anyone's ever seen because you're from london

26. Having a slightly different definition of "football field".

Playing football in the cage #growingupinlondon

27. Being a mastermind criminal and doctoring your bus pass.

ratings to everyone who used a pencil to change the dates on an expired travelcard #growingupinlondon

28. Crossing the river was about as much effort as crossing the channel.

Visiting someone on the other side is a holiday #growingupinlondon

29. Never knowing where exactly the bus driver expected you to go down the bus.

"Please move down inside the bus" #GrowingUpInLondon

30. When you were forced to sit away from your friends.

#GrowingUpInLondon when there are no more seats near your squad on the bus so you have to sit near the front

31. Your first real-life experience of inflation.

#GrowingUpInLondon the shock when KA cans went from 39p to 49p with no warning

32. Everyone having the exact same idea every time it was warmer than 20ยฐC.

Hyde Park when there is mildly good weather. #GrowingUpInLondon

33. You knew to never, EVER talk to strangers.

If someones dying next to you, ignore it. Because it's got nothing to do with you #GrowingUpInLondon

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