26 Products Every Whale Lover Needs In Their Home

    You whale love these!

    1. This simple canvas wash bag.

    2. This cute and elegant blue whale cushion.

    3. And these just plain cute mini whale key rings.

    4. This adorably simple wooden whale doorstop.

    5. This very chill looking whale hot water bottle cover.

    6. This chic multi-whale tea towel.

    7. This adorable whale pencil holder.

    8. This delicate little whale you can carry with you where ever you go.

    9. Or this unique beluga whale necklace.

    10. Or keep it super subtle with this silver whale tale.

    11. This gorgeous orca print.

    12. This fabulously practical whale backpack.

    13. This subtle wallpaper will add a delicate splash of whale to any room.

    14. This super elegant plate set.

    15. This huge and huggable whale body pillow.

    16. This simple throw pillow, that you'll have to look at twice to see it's subtle whales.

    17. This pretty whale print, so you'll always know your humpbacks from your blues.

    18. This happy sperm whale wooden broach.

    19. These tiny glamorous whale earrings.

    20. This subtle and elegant whale vase.

    21. Or this statement vase.

    22. This adorable ombre phone case.

    23. This whale covered dog lead, so your pooch can be whale themed too.

    24. This classic punny mug.

    25. You can even add some whales to your washing up, with this whale and waves themed dish rack.

    26. Or go all out with a whale themed bed.