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    18 Things British Drunk Teens Thought Were Cool, That Aren't Now

    "Ah yeah, sure mate, I'll just down this tasty pint of 10 other people's drinks mixed together, no problem."

    1. Strawpedoing WKDs.

    Twitter: @MattCPFC

    You did this as soon as you got into any club for the whole of Freshers'.

    2. Insisting on learning everything about someone's sex life as soon as you meet them.

    3. Doing all your drinking in this exclusive venue.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    Whatever the weather.

    4. Making an effort and straightening your hair before you went to the park at 10pm to drink White Lightning.

    are you even a girl if you don't tell people you're wearing jeans and a nice top ????

    Trying to keep your coat open to show off your outfit even though you were freezing.

    5. Hanging out in a children's playground when you were pissed.

    Twitter: @tylerma42266630

    So quirky and cool. Not at all creepy and likely to cause injury.

    6. Kicking random pieces of road furniture.

    Kicking a flimsy bollard showed you were very rebellious and definitely a banter machine.

    7. "Photoshopping" a copy of your passport on Microsoft Paint.

    Twitter: @deaandralynn

    And when bouncers asked you why you only had a photocopy of your passport you'd say it was because you didn't want your real one to get stolen.

    8. Sneaking miniature bottles of spirits into pubs in your bra.

    And then just ordering a Diet Coke and mixing them in the toilet.

    9. Using gross things as mixers.

    Using milk as a mixer. #thestruggleisREAL

    Mainly because you were just raiding your parents' fridge when they had gone out to a dinner party.

    10. Downing your drink when someone threw a penny into it.

    11. Playing drinking games that involved downing a cocktail of everyone's drinks mixed together.

    12. Doing shots of Glen's out of the cap.

    Twitter: @daisygorman

    It is the "exciting vodka" after all.

    13. Getting drunk and doing the most obsessive Facebook or Myspace stalking.

    #tbt we make underage drinking look cool @Ohjessiemay ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ซ

    It was not unusual to go through every single one of someone's pictures.

    14. Going to Reading, Leeds, or T in the Park festival and basically not sleeping for four days.

    Twitter: @LiamPennington4

    Your dad was pissed off that you ruined his tent.

    15. Bringing Apple Sourz to a party when you wanted to be classy.

    16. Premixing drinks for the bus in soft-drink bottles.

    Twitter: @Wallin58 / Twitter: @alexlochead

    Everyone knew that wasn't just squash.

    17. Painting neon dots on your face pretty much every time you went to a club.

    18. Drinking straight out of a three-litre "sharing" bottle of cider.

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