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27 Things Dog People Don't Understand About Cats

Sure, you can't make a cat sit, but sometimes a cat chooses to sit on you.

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4. Cats are true wild animals that choose to live with us.

Outdoor cats could just leave home and a lot of them would probably do pretty well fending for themselves, but no. Because they love us, and cat food, and radiators, they stay.


5. But that is the beauty of cats: because when they choose to sit on you, you know it is their choice, and it is the greatest honour.

Instagram: @kevinkittycat

Cats could sit anywhere, but no, they choose you.

6. There is no greater feeling than when a cat lets you hold their precious lil' hand.

Instagram: @zombae___

They usually don't like having their lil' paws touched, but sometimes when they are super sleepy, they will let you touch them and it is the nicest.

7. Cats are independent beings with their own lives and plans.

Instagram: @tweencats

Cats pretty much look after themselves. They have different spots they need to visit each day to inspect and nap in.


10. Also, cats are hilarious.

Instagram: @casperselfies

I think it's because they are inherently very serious creatures, but they do stupid things, and that is so, so, so funny.

11. Cats are obsessed with some weird things, like boxes.

There is nothing better than seeing your lil' kitty's face light up when you get a delivery in a box.

12. And they are always very interested when you try to change the sheets.

Instagram: @eatdrinkcat

Why???? No one knows. But it's adorable.


18. Cats also really like to sleep.

Instagram: @kevinkittycat

They can sleep up to 20 hours a day, which means you can stroke them for 20 hours a day if you'd like.

19. They're just super chill and also have the ability to sleep absolutely anywhere.

Instagram: @kelseylouwainwright

20. But also cats can see ghosts.

Instagram: @casperselfies

Or that's the most sensible explanation for why they seem to decide to suddenly break from their chill persona and run around the house at 3am.


21. They are the softest things in the world.

Instagram: @itsaskippy_cat

However much you tell yourself that cats are really soft, every time you stroke one you will be surprised by just how soft they really are.

22. Sure, cats are sometimes absolute dicks.

Instagram: @morris_the_persian_cat

23. And they can be a little hard to understand at times.

Instagram: @soadercat

24. And sometimes they just bite you for no reason.

Instagram: @schlow_

Wouldn't recommend poking your toes out the end of the covers if you have a cat.


25. But that just makes it all the more special when they shower you with affection.

Instagram: @federica_emotionalart

Even if sometimes their form of affection is actually kneading you with their claws out.

26. Because cats don't look up to us: They see us as their equal.

Instagram: @kitnipbox

Or maybe their slave?

27. And there is no better feeling than being your cat's favourite human.

Instagram: @dan_warmenhove

Because they chose you just like you chose them.