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13 Things All Unfit Girls Trying To Get Fit Will Understand

How come everyone else looks like an elegant gazelle and you look like a boiled frankfurter?

1. When you see other people doing exercise it looks so easy, elegant, and graceful.

2. But when you try to do exercise it feels like you're physically near death.

3. You also look like crap, while everyone else looks mega sexy.

4. So you buy some sexy exercise gear, but it doesn't help the fact you still look like a wet tomato.

5. There are so many sexy people at the gym, yet you seem to look like a frazzled marshmallow every time you go.

6. Sometimes you muster the courage to do some sit ups, but then you actually the same afterwards, which doesn't seem fair.

7. The most difficult bit of any workout though, is always taking off your sweaty sports bra.

8. Also it's quite hard to feel good while working out when you have two sweat rivers under each boob.

9. Once you start to become one of those people who works out, you suddenly realise the importance of public toilets.

10. If you choose to put yourself through the hell that is an ab workout, forget about coughing, sneezing, or laughing for the next week.

11. Everywhere you look there seems to be more advice on how to become a fit person.

12. But finally finding a form of exercise that you enjoy is the best feeling.

13. And nothing beats the feeling of getting strong and being a kind of fit person.