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    Posted on Apr 2, 2016

    28 Things All '00s Schoolgirls Begged Their Parents For

    It takes a long time to buy a Juicy tracksuit when you get only 5 quid a week pocket money.

    1. To get your ears pierced at Claire's Accessories.

    All your friends had it done, and they said it really didn't hurt that much.

    2. And as soon as you could change them (or maybe a bit before), you'd get a cool stud collection.

    Which probably turned your ears green.

    3. A pair of Ugg boots.

    Probably fake ones from New Look.

    4. And when everyone had Ugg boots, suddenly everyone had to have knitted Ugg boots.

    The least waterproof boot known to mankind.

    5. Pretty much everything in The Body Shop, but especially White Musk and body butter.

    Flickr: 28964535@N08

    And if you were going to a birthday party, it was the place to buy the guaranteed winning gift.

    6. Every colour of hair mascara.

    Because your parents probably wouldn't let you actually get Kelly Clarkson chunky highlights.

    7. Sun In, which you were sure would make you look like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

    If you actually had brown hair it just made you go ginger.

    8. Or if you wanted to look more like Hayley Williams you'd dye your hair with henna, probably also from The Body Shop.

    9. Every flavour of scented gel pens.

    Even though the banana one was completely useless and smelt gross.

    10. And ideally you'd have a Bang on the Door pencil case to put them in.

    11. Or a pencil case with at least three compartments.

    12. A hair braid, every time you went on holiday.

    Facebook: IslandHairBraidsNZ

    Which then fell out and left a little stump after about a month.

    13. Every kind of Impulse body spray.

    You might wear Sweet Smile to school, and then Romantic Spark to the shopping centre on Saturdays (just in case you saw a boy).

    14. Bracelets and key rings made from Scooby Doos.

    Facebook: imremembering

    If you could do a twist then you'd have to teach everyone else in the playground how to do one.

    15. Anklets. So many anklets.

    You wouldn't take them off when you wore tights, so they'd leave a weird bump.

    16. And toe rings, which were possibly the least comfortable piece of jewellery ever made.

    17. Friendship bracelets that you swore you would never, ever take off.

    Pretty sure these were a hygiene risk.

    18. A mood ring so everyone knew what you were feeling at any time.

    But only if they also had a mood ring and remembered what all the colours meant.

    19. Johnson's Holiday Skin or Garnier Summer Body.

    Which apparently were less likely to leave you a streaky mess than regular fake tan.

    Also Garnier Summer Body still smells AMAZING.

    20. A Motorola Razr.

    You still miss being able to dramatically hang up the phone by flipping it shut.

    21. An iPod Mini, and the latest Arctic Monkeys album to go on it.

    You still got half your music by buying CDs, then uploading them to your computer, and then putting them on your iPod.

    22. A dance mat that for some reason only came with '80s songs.

    But you could still probably match your high score on "Video Killed the Radio Star".

    23. A Badge It, which you were sure would mark the start of your entrepreneur career.

    It probably broke the first week.

    24. Lancôme Juicy Tubes, or any other insanely sticky, practically see-through lip gloss.

    You would have licked it off in about half an hour.

    25. Clear mascara.

    You desperately needed it, but you're still not exactly sure what it did.

    26. Body glitter, which successfully made your sheets feel like sandpaper.

    27. These hairbands that felt like knives.

    28. And a velour tracksuit, or just anything else made out of velour.

    You wished for a Juicy Couture one, but you knew it wasn't going to happen.

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