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    The Natural History Museum Is Displaying Its First Complete Dinosaur Skeleton In 100 Years

    It is the most significant skeleton acquired by the museum since the 1980s.

    This is the first complete dinosaur skeleton to be displayed in the Natural History Museum in London for 100 years.

    The Natural History Museum, London Kevin Webb/NHM Image Resources

    And it's the only Stegosaurus in a public collection outside of the USA.

    The Stegosaurus stenops skeleton is 150 million years old and measures 560 centimetres long and 290 centimetres tall. The sex of the dinosaur is not known, but it is thought to have been a young adult when it died.

    Heinrich Harder / / CC

    The museum says it's the most significant addition to their dinosaur collection since the 1980s. It will be displayed in the museum's Exhibition Road entrance.

    Stegosauri were herbivores and could grow up to 9 metres long.

    BBC / Via

    It is rare to find a Stegosaurus specimen with all its plates, as they were embedded in the skin of the dinosaur rather than attached to the skeleton itself.

    As well as the plates, this skeleton has been of particular scientific value because of its skull, which is complete, and has all three of its bones separate. This allows for in-depth study of the eating habits and bite strength of the dinosaur.

    The skeleton will be on display in the Natural History Museum in London from the 4th of December.

    The stegosaurus skeleton will be on display in the Exhibition Road entrance of the museum. A previous version of this post implied otherwise.