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    21 Men's Deodorants For Men To Use So They Smell Like Manly Men

    Real men smell like sports and metal.

    1. Real men smell of metal, and ~control~.

    Twitter: @florafaunas_

    Only ladies smell like plastic and random chance.

    2. But if you can't smell of any of the manly metals you have to smell like the next-manliest element: carbon.

    Nitrogen is for girls.

    3. Real men don't shower for 96 hours.

    Twitter: @ItsMarishelle

    It's because they are invincible, even when they are stinky and their genitals are starting to itch.

    4. Real men smell like the force of a team.

    Twitter: @nadkalz

    Because teams do sports and sports smell good.

    5. Real men smell like words that you vaguely associate with sports and movement.

    Twitter: @DiscountJugaad

    Don't you love the smell of fresh pure game in the morning?

    6. Real men only smell like one colour: black.

    Twitter: @EllMayer

    The smell of black is so manly.

    7. Even French men like to smell like manly black.

    Twitter: @BlackFridayza

    Or as the French manly men say, noir.

    8. All the other colours are too girly.

    Twitter: @HealthBeauty30

    Black is for men. When things are black they are so manly you can get away with putting a pretty flower on it.

    9. Real men should smell like muscles.

    Twitter: @osnapitzkaley

    Three hundred Olympic gymnasts are distilled every year to make Bod Man Really Ripped Abs Fragrance Body Spray, probably.

    10. Real men smell like unstable political movements.

    Twitter: @catkosek

    But also like control. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    11. Because real men have to smell like real men even if they choose to shave their armpits.

    Twitter: @officermaterial

    Because even with their super groomed armpits, they still have power! It's just smoother power.

    12. Real men smell like football clubs.

    Twitter: @nazivv

    Like pies, dads, and cheap nylon scarfs.

    13. Even realer men smell like whole international football tournaments.

    Twitter: @liamburns__

    Like Saturday afternoons spent in the pub, watching the telly, and shouting into the void.

    14. Real men smell like heterosexuality.

    Twitter: @acediscovery

    And they smell like oxygen. Mmmmm, fragrant oxygen.

    15. Real men just smell like meat.

    Not vegetables, ew! Vegetables are for girls.

    16. Real men smell like dogs.

    Twitter: @Shizo_Shirley

    Because even when they want to be all organic and natural they still want to smell like a real man.

    17. Real men smell like a movie channel and girl's name...wait.

    Twitter: @ConorPriestley

    No, real men couldn't smell like a girl's name, so they spelt it funny. So now it's obviously British banter lad slang for "generic good".

    18. Real men smell like a state – a state that contains a lot of salmon.

    Twitter: @sylvesterdave

    Because they want to smell like they've just killed a load of salmon with their brut strength.

    19. Real men like to smell like whole continents.

    Twitter: @Real_KR_Xox

    Like the pyramids of Egypt to the jungles of the Congo, to some guy playing Xbox in his room in Johannesburg.

    20. Real men smell like Mexican-themed beers.

    Twitter: @moonyinthesky

    Or maybe like the Wild West outlaw, or maybe like the 1995 action thriller starring Steve Buscemi, or maybe like a short-lived children's show on CBBC.

    21. Because real men can smell like anything.

    Twitter: @DeirdreS

    Because the scent of a real man in practically indescribable, it's like spirit of sport, mixed with the essence of a dodgy nightclub, with a dash of a regrettable tattoo.