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21 Men's Deodorants For Men To Use So They Smell Like Manly Men

Real men smell like sports and metal.

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17. Real men smell like a movie channel and girl's name...wait.

Twitter: @ConorPriestley

No, real men couldn't smell like a girl's name, so they spelt it funny. So now it's obviously British banter lad slang for "generic good".

20. Real men smell like Mexican-themed beers.

Twitter: @moonyinthesky

Or maybe like the Wild West outlaw, or maybe like the 1995 action thriller starring Steve Buscemi, or maybe like a short-lived children's show on CBBC.

21. Because real men can smell like anything.

Twitter: @DeirdreS

Because the scent of a real man in practically indescribable, it's like spirit of sport, mixed with the essence of a dodgy nightclub, with a dash of a regrettable tattoo.

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