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22 Christmas Decoration Ideas That Are Properly Genius

Tinsel is just soooo 2015.

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1. This harmonious beer can choir.

When you too cheap to buy christmas decorations

2. These extra handsome decorations.

Wishing you all a very MERRY XMAS FOLKS Love the Pine Tree and Santa McClaus !

3. The most intense bauble you'll find on any tree.

4. The most appropriate of ornaments for this merry year.

5. The cutest tree you've ever seen.

O Christmas Floof, O Christmas Floof How lovely are thy whiskers

6. Kitty Jesus.

So my parents put up a nativity thing, tell me why my cat is chilling in there, lookin like Jesus

7. This beautiful angel.

8. This cheery scene, that shows that no room should be forgotten.

9. This Stranger Things tribute.

10. This cuddly lil' tree.

11. And this spooky one.

12. This essential for any Potterhead.

13. This decoration, perfect for any introverts in your life.

me, buying decorations for a house party

14. These suggestive candles.

15. This special tree for a really good girl.

Confused why my mom had to get our dog her own Christmas tree...

16. This genius way to trick your neighbours.

So this year we bought a 20 ft Christmas tree and cut it in half so it goes through the roof 😂

17. This poptastic pun.

My ChRIHstmas tree is done. 🎈❄

18. This total star for 2016.

I didn't have a star/angel to put on my Christmas tree, so I put @HillaryClinton

19. This beautiful extra layer of decoration.

20. This tree made of fish.

They did a codfish christmas tree in my country............

21. This tree made of everything you needed to survive 2016.

2916 Christmas tree. Won't get ruined if it floods again. #sorted

22. This genuinely touching tribute.

So many stars taken this year, I've turned them into angels for my tree.

RIP Toblerone, always in our hearts.