26 Tattoos To Wear Only For A Night

    Look totally badass, for a bit.

    1. This statement floral masterpiece.

    2. This floating feather that no one will guess isn't the real thing.

    3. This little fox for when you're in a cute emergency.

    4. This perfect hipster man.

    5. These photo-realistic moons.

    6. This delicate little skull.

    7. These perfect drawings of your favourite vegetables.

    8. Or maybe just a single shiny carrot.

    9. This luxurious gold metallic rose.

    10. These sparkling jewels.

    11. This delicate watercolour bird.

    12. These glow-in-the-dark patterns that will make you stand out in any crowd.

    13. These watches to remind you how your life is going.

    14. This rock 'n' roll lip tattoo.

    15. This totally bad Heisenberg tattoo.

    16. These picture-perfect Russian dolls.

    17. This haunting owl.

    18. This ode to pizza that will actually only last a couple of days.

    19. This subtle sentence, to remind you that what will be, will be.

    20. This geometric rose.

    21. This tiny pineapple.

    22. This floral work of art.

    23. This tribute to mothers everywhere.

    24. These surreal art works will give you a whale for a time.

    25. This kitsch little cat.

    26. This little joke that will never get old.

    Or design your own here!