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21 Things Tidy People Have To Deal With On A Daily Basis

How does anyone put an empty milk carton back in the fridge?

1. Sometimes you feel alone in this world. Everyone else is living their happy lives and you are just noticing all the dirt.

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The people around you are having a lovely carefree time, and you're mainly thinking about that empty packet on the side that no one has put in the bin.

2. Do other people just not see the cutlery dividers, or do they throw caution to the wind and refuse to obey them?

3. Do the people who threw these cigarette butts believe in fairies? Because who else do they think is going to pick them up?

4. Do other people not realise that systems and organisation exist to make your life easier?

Do they take pleasure in disorder, or are they blind to it?

5. Order makes you calm, and when it is broken you can't relax.

***Must sort bowls and plates***

6. You're in a constant state of suppressing the nagging.


7. And it's hard for you not judge people on the state of their homes.

But sometimes it's basically impossible.

8. You like there to be a place for everything, and that place is never randomly in the middle of the room.

9. You don't understand why someone would leave a surface like this.

Twitter: @kaatieee27

This is 30 seconds away from being acceptable.

10. Even when people do try to help out, they rarely do it to your standards.

11. The temptation to be passive-aggressive is strong.

"You didn't throw away these empty packets so I assumed you were saving them for something special."

12. Sometimes you just think people are way too lazy.

Put the empty egg shells in the bin, it's just not that hard.

13. But other times you think people must just be walking round in a daze.

My dad put an empty pizza box back in the fridge!!! NOW IM MAD! LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!#NowImMad

Because no one is so lazy they put an empty container back in the fridge, SURELY?

14. People who don't use sheets on their beds need to be stripped of their adulthoods.

15. You know this is no way to live.

16. It troubles you when people insist on touching clean things with their dirty fingers.

And then your feel like a mum when you say, "LOOK WITH YOUR EYES NOT YOUR HANDS."

17. You often feel physically repulsed by things that other people seem to be cool with just living with.

why we have such a housemate...what a brain at all..really can't read his mind

Soggy food bits in sinks are the stuff of nightmares.

18. And mould probably gives you nightmares.

19. And yet it always seems to be you who has to tackle it.

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20. Sometimes doubt hits you and you think maybe you should take a chill pill and embrace the mess.

21. But then you come to your senses and realise you deserve to live in a perfectly clean paradise.


Keep fighting! 💪

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