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24 Hidden Struggles You'll Understand If You've Worked In A Call Centre

Who wouldn't want a job where they get called all the insults under the sun every day?

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2. You have to be professional while someone is being an absolute bellend on the other end of the line.

After the tenth time that day a customer blames you for all their problems, all you want to do is lose it at someone.


6. And your level of patience has to be super high to deal with those people.


Sometimes you think you've become numb to frustration, and then something so frustrating will happen that you think you might explode.


9. As soon as you decide it's safe to have a snack someone will ring and you'll have to talk with a mouth full of Quavers.

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You have definitely put someone on hold before just to have another bite of sandwich.

10. But somehow you always find time to desk-snack.

Plus you're sitting on your arse all day.


18. If you work at an outbound call-centre you'll often feel guilty about calling people in the evenings.

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"You just got me out of the bath!"

Sucks when your job is partly just annoying other people.

19. And if you are in an outbound call centre you will get asked 100 times a day to be put on the "do not call list".

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Often this is a mythical list that doesn't exist, but luckily they always hang up before you have time to explain that.


And you will never, ever be mean to someone in a call centre ever again.