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11 Spooky Scottish Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere You Can Buy

Useful if you're considering a career change to a witch.

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1. This cute little cottage in need of some basic renovations, in Glen Urquhart.

Bedrooms: Two, technically.

Price: £50,000

• It doesn't have a working roof, any electricity, or plumbing.

• Lots of period features.

• Actually only 38 minutes drive to Inverness.

2. This overgrown hideout in Wick.

Bedrooms: Three

Price: £70,000

• Just a stone's throw from John O'Groats. So good if you like northern things.

• Need to like gardening.

• Vintage feel.

3. This actual church on The Isle Of South Uist.

Bedrooms: None technically, it's just a church.

Price: £30,000

• Literally just a church.

• V v v spooo000oooo000ooky.


4. This sweet little cottage in Campbeltown.

Bedrooms: Three

Price: £82,500

• Not too spooky.

• On the bit of Scotland that looks a bit like a willy.

5. This seriously remote cottage in Westray.

Bedrooms: One

Price: £70,000

• On one of the most northern islands of the Orkneys, so very far away from everything.

• Granny chic interior.

• Stove that looks good for making potions.

6. This truly in the middle of nowhere cottage on the Shetland Islands.

Bedrooms: One

Price: £80,000

• Not that spooky interior.

• Got a really spooky outhouse though.

• On an island called Yell.

7. This real life cabin in the woods in Dalavich.

Bedrooms: Two

Price: £85,000

• Genuinely in the middle of the woods.



8. This spooky cottage with a spooky gate in spooky Dunoon.

Bedrooms: Two

Price: £85,000

• Right next to a spooky stream.

• Three not-so-spooky reception rooms.

9. This chocolate-box cottage in Fort William.

Bedrooms: One

Price: £85,000

• Actually in a town so not very remote.

• Looks like it was drawn by a child.

• Could be made out of gingerbread. Hard to tell.

10. This rustic detached house in Angus.

11. This rural barn conversion in Inverness-shire.

Bedrooms: Hard to tell.

Price: £80,000

• Technically not a conversion.

• Might just be a barn.

• Contains no live animals, but may contain many animal ghosts.