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19 Socially Awkward Situations For Tidy People

The bin is JUST THERE! That could not be any closer to the bin and not be in the bin.

1. Trying not to judge people with messy bathrooms.

FOX / Via

Who can shower with that much mould in their grout?

2. Or people who do not make their bed.

ITV / Via

3. Seeing an empty packet left on the kitchen counter.

AMC / Via

Try not to cast blame – it's the messy people's way. But seriously, the bin is JUST THERE!

4. The horror of empty toilet roll tubes that have not been put in the bin.

NBC / Via

The bin is literally next to the toilet!!!!

5. When people think tables are storage devices.


No, that is what shelves are for. Shelves are like little tables that you can leave your all your shit on.

6. Worse, when people think beds are a good places to keep things.


7. Or that floordrobes are a thing.

Flo Perry / Via

No, wardrobes are a thing. Inside them is where your clothes belong.

8. When people laugh at "bin Jenga".


Not funny. Sad.

9. When your housemate asks where the hoover is.

Warner Brothers / Via


10. The guilt when you have to leave the house straight after dinner and can't wash up.

E! / Via

I'll do it in the morning... I PROMISE!

11. The shame you feel after your drunk self left all your clothes on the floor.

Warner Brothers / Via

Your sober self would never dare do something like that.

12. Trying to hide the horror at how much your housemates let the tidiness standards slip if you go away for the weekend.


13. Trying to subtly stem the tide of shoes from people's rooms into communal spaces.

Doomsday Entertainment / Via

14. Or worse, when people leave their socks in communal places.

Oxygen / Via

Try not to throw them back in their faces.

15. Trying not to start a war when someone leaves the butter out.

FOX / Via

Especially if it's spreadable, because letting that stuff melt ruins it.

16. Or worse, the milk.

Walt Disney / Via

It will go bad, and then who will buy more? Probably you.

17. Trying to ask your housemates to tidy without sounding like a total bitch.

A&M Films / Via

This gets harder on the third repeat of: "You know what's fun? Taking the bins out."

18. Desperately trying not to do your housemate's share of the chores.

Sherlock / Via

They will do it in their own time. And if you do it, you will hate them for it.

19. Trying to initiate a group clean-up...and then it's just you.

Keep up the fight! The mess shall not win.

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