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19 Socially Awkward Situations For People Who Are Always Early

The early bird catches the worm. And then has to play on their phone for 15 minutes waiting for all the late birds.

1. Arriving at a party.

2. Going on a date.

3. Getting to the airport so early that check-in isn't open yet.

4. Going on holiday with a late friend.

5. Having a job interview.

6. Going to the cinema.

7. Getting to the restaurant first.

8. When every so often you get overly relaxed and end up being three minutes late.

9. The rare times when something out of your control happens and you end up being actually late.

10. Arriving to class before the teacher.

11. Getting to the shops before they open.

12. Trying not to take it personally when your friends are late.

13. Resisting texting your friends to ask where they are until they are at least five minutes late.

14. The many times you arrive before the person you are meeting and have to look busy.

15. It is even worse if you have to wait somewhere outside.

16. So much worse if there is nowhere to sit down.

17. A lot worse if it is cold.

18. THE WORST if it is raining.

19. When you persuade all your friends to get somewhere early. And then you were wrong, and everyone has to wait.

No matter how lame it might be, being on time is polite, and you wouldn't be a late person for anything.