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    26 Snapchats You'd Only Get From Your BFF

    More chins = more love.

    1. BFFs send the best naked lady snaps.

    2. BFFs know that constant communication is important.

    3. BFFs bring you back down to earth.

    4. But you can always ask them if you need some reassurance in life.

    5. BFFs know that it's important to tell each other what you're thinking.

    6. Matching snaps from BFFs are the best.

    7. BFFs will sympathise with your struggles.

    8. And celebrate life's achievements with you.

    9. BFFs are always there to help you answer life's big questions.

    10. A BFF thinks about you from the moment they wake up.

    11. Your BFF will be there for you when you're hurting.

    12. It's important to share your worries with your BFF.

    13. Your BFF will never judge you.

    14. Your BFF will always care about how your day is going.

    15. They're the first one to tell you exactly how the night went down.

    16. Especially the important stuff.

    17. BFFs understand your struggle.

    18. They're there for your when everything suddenly goes horribly wrong.

    19. You have to share life's disasters with your BFF.

    20. BFFs will motivate you to be the best version of yourself.

    21. They know the best ways to brighten your day.

    22. BFFs send you the sexiest snapchats.

    23. You always show your BFF your best angle.

    24. Because true BFFs know that more chins = more love.

    25. You always test out your best material on your BFF.

    26. But mainly this.