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    27 Cat Snapchats Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


    1. The sad hot dog cat.

    2. The cat who really wants to know what's up.

    3. The curious cat.

    4. The cat that broke.

    5. The reluctant cat selfie.

    6. The philosophical indie cat.

    7. The casual cat.

    8. The hungover cat.

    9. The stalking cat.

    10. The cat who is sitting in the lap of luxury.

    11. The impostor cat.

    12. The cunning cat.

    13. The cat with many disguises.

    14. The king cat.

    15. The psychic cat.

    16. The tough cat.

    17. The cheeky cat.

    18. The Donald Trump cat.

    19. The punny cat.

    20. The masked cat.

    21. The cat who is full of regret.

    22. The banana cat.

    23. The librarian cat.

    24. The celestial cat.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    25. The cat who broke the fourth wall.

    26. The creepy cat.

    27. The cat who lives a life of crime.

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