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19 Snacks You Can Get On Amazon That Taste Like Your British Childhood

For a tenner you could get 60 packets of Iced Gems delivered to your house tomorrow.

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If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can now get groceries in everyday sizes delivered via Amazon. It's £2.99 for your first box and 99p after that. So you barely need to leave the sofa to get your supply of nostalgic sugar.

1. Experience the best packed lunch treat and get six Wagon Wheels for 99p.

Instagram: @omnidd

And you can do as this five star reviewer did:

"I ate them all at once. I'm buying more and am definitely not sharing."

2. If you like the pure flavour of sugar and more sugar get six packets of Iced Gems for £1.

Instagram: @sammybryantkitching

One grandma left this totally bants review:

"Sorry no review the grandchildren ate them too fast!!!"

3. If you like to feel like your biscuits are flirting with you get some BNs for £1.49.

Instagram: @thecutlerychronicles

4. Or if you want your snacks to tell you below average jokes, then get 24 Penguin Bars for £3.99.

Instagram: @christinamars06

5. For the best sweet represented by a dinosaur get a pack of Chewits for a mere 35p.

Instagram: @junkfoodmom

But be wary, one unhappy customer left this two star review:

"These have always been a favourite of mine but I still can't believe how easily they go soft and become very challenging to unwrap from the paper. We put people on the moon right?"

6. Have the ultimate carb on carb tea with a can of Spaghetti Hoops for 50p.

Instagram: @laurajam81_

7. Experience the sweet taste of juice out of a bag and get 10 Capri-Suns for £2.

Instagram: @dianalouisekeeling

8. Treat yourself to a tiny plastic toy and some chocolate all in one, and get three Kinder Eggs for £1.60.

Instagram: @michaela_13xo

9. Taste the most underrated biscuit-chocolate bar hybrid in either mint or orange for £1 for eight bars.

Instagram: @terryteztez

10. If you want to make sure your party isn't drab get a packet of Party Rings for a mere 49p.

Instagram: @bethanywebb

11. Get that sweet sugar high with a packet of Maoam Stripes for 85p.

Instagram: @misskasoogi

12. For the least disappointing "healthy" lunch box snack get six Fruit Winders for £1.79.

Instagram: @mageevfz

13. If you can't decide on having a biscuit or some cheese, get seven packets of Mini Cheddars for £1.

Instagram: @spudzi90

One five star reviewer enthusiastically proclaimed:

"Belinda Carlisle was right: ooh heaven is a place on earth."

14. If you like all your snacks to be meat based why not indulge in six packets of pork scratchings for £1.06.

Instagram: @forforkssake77

15. Experience true refreshment with a refresher chew bar for just 10p.

Instagram: @kalasgodis

16. If you like your chocolate to taste mainly of milk and sugar get six bars for £1.26.

Instagram: @therealglm

17. For the best cinema snack, or seriously classy after dinner chocolate get a box of Matchmakers for 50p.

Instagram: @spannastephens

18. Because they're in season get 12 Creme Eggs for £3.91.

Instagram: @ambogeoff

19. If you like to salt your own crisps like the the good ol' days you can get six bags of Salt 'n' Shake for £1.

One user was certainly very happy with their retail experience.