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23 Situations That Are Way More Awkward For Tall People

The more leg you have, the more awkward you are.

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1. Taking group photos.

Either you stand out like, "who invited a giraffe to this party?" Or you just get your head chopped off.

2. Mirror selfies.

The dream is to get the head and the shoes in a selfie, without having to do the awkward head lean/knee bend.

3. Going on an airplane.

Or a bus, or a train, or any situation that doesn't allow appropriate leg room for giants. You either have to pick a side to slant your legs to, or just go full on man spread.

4. Really everything about airplanes.

I bet the Wright brothers were right short arses. Look at the pain on that giant's face.


5. Baths.

You have to choose between cold feet or cold boobs. You always choose the cold feet.

6. And showers.

Do you hunch forward and look at your toes, or do the dangerous limbo move?

7. Toilet cubicles.

"Hello lovely to meet you random stranger, definitely not pulling up my pants right now."

8. Water fountains.

Forget about getting that sexy cheerleader look, more like giraffe at the drinking pool look.


9. Visiting old houses.

In ye olden days people didn't have enough food to grow over 5'8" or something. So beware of decapitation when walking through old doorways.

10. Sleeping.

Yes even sleeping is more awkward for us. You haven't been able to get fully under the covers since you were 12, and if you're really tall then you'll have the dreaded feet off the end of the bed scenario.

Side note:
If you have a cat, your cat will think these exposed toes are fair game for prey.

11. Clubbing.

It can be quite useful being able to see over everyone's head at the club, but you also can't hear what the hell they're saying.

"WHATT????" – you all night at the club.

12. Dancing.

Controlling all that extra limb is hard enough, and then someone tries to pick you up, and the awkward level goes through the roof.


13. Dating.

If you're a tall girl and you go out with a shorter guy, no one will ever assume you're together.

"Oh you two are... How does that work?" – 😒

15. Making out.

Everyone in this photo is going to get a stiff neck.

16. Shopping for clothes.

All tops are crop tops, all mini dresses are tops, your wrists will forever be left bare, all playsuits will give you camel toes, and good luck finding trousers that aren't basically capris.


17. Going to the cinema.

New Line Cinema

Sure you never have to deal with someone else blocking your view, but you have to put up with all the death stare as you sit down in front of all the short people. And if you slouch so the people behind you can see, you'll end up tripping someone over with your feet.

18. Small talk.

"Wow you're tall."

"SHIT I never noticed before?!?" 😒


21. Sharing an umbrella.

Just let the taller person carry it. We'll try not to leave you in the rain.