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    21 Reasons Facebook's Sinister Oysters Are The Best Thing On The Internet

    No other emoticon understands how socially awkward you can be.

    If you haven't discovered sinister oysters yet then you are missing out. They are the only Facebook sticker that can say what words can't.

    1. They are perfect for when you suddenly drop a truth bomb that you probably shouldn't have.

    2. When your BFF tells you what they did last night.

    3. When someone tells you what happens on a show before you've seen it.

    4. When you give zero fucks.

    5. When you have the worst hangover anyone has ever had.

    6. When you have a mild hangover, but everyone around you is being quite loud.

    7. When you accidentally swear in a job interview.

    8. When your ex turns up at a party and you didn't know they'd be there.

    9. When your crush texts you back.

    10. For when you see a total hottie.

    11. Swiftly followed by when you say something cringe to that hottie.

    12. When your laptop crashes and you lose three hours' work.

    13. When you leave Netflix to buffer for 10 minutes and then it only plays for five.

    14. When someone is killing your vibe on a night out.

    15. When someone is mansplaining.

    16. For when you're hatching an evil plan.

    17. And for when someone suggests an evil plan and you agree.

    18. When people are fighting on your newsfeed.

    19. When your friends invite you out but you're already in your pyjamas.

    20. When your friend tells you some really juicy gossip.

    21. When you need to express your love of sinister oysters.