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19 Signs You're The Mum Of Your House

You are your housemates' go to doctor, engineer, chef, and therapist.

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2. You own all of the cushions and blankets in your living room.

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And the lamp, and probably the pictures too.

4. And you definitely own your house's one good knife.

Instagram: @mrconqy

You know the one: The only one that actually cuts stuff.


5. You organised and cooked your house Christmas meal this year.

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And carved the turkey with your good knife.

7. It was you that made the cleaning rota, and it's you that makes sure everyone is fully ~aware~ of it.

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And it was your nice felt tip pens that made it look so appealing.


14. And you'll be the first to suggest you leave to go get drunk food.

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16. If one of your housemates doesn't come at night you're the one frantically texting them about where they are.


You know they have just got lucky, but also they might have been abducted so you should text them ten times.