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    21 Signs You're Overly Empathetic

    It makes you a better person, even if you do cry all the time.

    1. You will always be the first to cry at a movie.

    2. Whenever someone cries you feel compelled to comfort them.

    3. When your friend has something big coming up you get stressed for them.

    4. Actually it doesn't have to be a friend, just anyone around you.

    5. When your friend achieves something you get really emotional.

    6. Watching stuff like marathons is actually quite exhausting for you.

    7. If you see someone fall over, you'll always wince rather than laugh.

    8. If someone wears inappropriate clothing you feel compelled to ask them if they're the right temperature.

    9. You're always telling people to sit down.

    10. You always know when someone is feeling nervous or awkward in a group.

    11. You're always the one who ends up comforting the drunk crier.

    12. You feel a physical pull on your heart strings when you hear a baby crying.

    13. You always know when someone's lying.

    14. And you can totally tell if someone is faking being happy.

    15. You get angry for other people when things don't work out their way.

    16. You never mind explaining something to someone, because you can understand how it could be hard.

    17. You can tell when you're boring someone and it makes you feel awful.

    18. You can totally tell when someone has the hots for you.

    19. You expect other people to be as empathetic as you, and you get angry when they can't tell that you're upset.

    20. It can be really tiring always mirroring everyone's feelings.

    21. But actually it's pretty cool being able to cry tears of joy at a video of a small pig.